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How to use ripped jeans to look handsome and beautiful


This is a special article for those of you who want to know how to use ripped jeans to look handsome and beautiful. You know ? Ripped jeans are not a new trend, since the 80s people have used this trend as their fashion style. Do you know Kurt Cobain? He has been using this for a long time.

Why is ripped jeans always a trend? In my opinion, this is because many celebrities and famous people still like to use this trend. Look, Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, and many more. They look handsome using ripped jeans.

Easy Step to Use Ripped Jeans to Look Handsome and Beautiful

To look like them, I have a way of using ripped jeans to look handsome and beautiful. This is an easy step to looking handsome and beautiful when using ripped jeans.

1. Choose ripped jeans with the right model

Why choose ripped jeans with the right model? Because if you get the wrong choice of ripped jeans with a model that is not suitable for your foot shape, it will be strange to see.

You can choose a jeans model such as skinny, straight or slim fit. Then see, if the torn part fits in the leg you want.

Usually jeans when used for a long time will tear on the thighs and knees. Of course for some people would think not to use jeans that the cut is not the part that looks good.

2. Choose the color of Ripped Jeans

Use ripped jeans aims to display denim that looks like it has been worn for a long time. Therefore the color around the torn part is very influential. It will feel awkward if the torn part still has colors like new jeans.

To get effects like wear, many manufacturers process it with certain wash techniques. The principle is that the tears look more natural with faded denim.

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If the jeans you wear are faded and torn naturally, it will look cooler. To get a look like that, use it as often as possible and you will be look handsome and beautiful.

3. Pay attention to the shape of ripped jeans

Actually there are many forms of ripped jeans, look like bullet-spray holes or torn like sanded. But, it should be noted, tears must look natural. “The torn item is pre-loved, not just bought,”.

Ripped jeans are really good for a vintage look, as if they have been used for years. Therefore, look for jeans with a tear in the part that is often affected by friction, such as knees, and pockets.

But remember, don’t choose ripped jeans that have a lot of tears. Because the natural impression will disappear. Some riiped jeans come with patches on the torn part. this can also be an interesting choice.

4. Choose the right tops for ripped jeans

Ripped Jeans are not meant to look just torn, but for years. Therefore, the right boss will determine how the appearance of torn jeans can provide added value. The following is a brief guide.


When the weather is cold, Jeans with the right cut can be combined with a large sweater. Now, when the weather is warmer or more volatile, mix it with a hoodie that has a zipper to open the lid according to the weather. For shoes, you can wear a high-size sneaker or boots.


Bomber jackets are suitable clothing worn with a variety of styles, including combined with torn jeans. “Be sure to keep the display simple and clean.

Together with the bomber, jeans can be worn with shirts or collar shirts which are then combined with loafer or sneaker shoes.


Don’t get me wrong,  Jeans can be combined with a blazer. Choose a navy-colored jacket to look similar to denim, then derby shoes and plain shirts.

But not all shows can use styles like this. Although wearing a blazer, there are several programs that do not allow ripped jeans.

Jeans Jackets

Jeans jackets or long coats are also suitable with ripped jeans, especially the color of the same pants with shoes. But you can also pair it with a shirt, because torn pants fit for minimalist clothing. Well, the advantage of having jeans, if bored, can be used as shorts.

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If you want to be more simple mix with a shirt, it is also suitable.  Jeans with a vintage shirt or flannel will add cool looks. Don’t forget to mix with suede shoes.

How to make Ripped Jeans

If you don’t want it to be difficult, just buy jeans. But you can make it themselves. Here are the tips:

  • Place jeans on a flat surface
  • Look for the part you want to tear and mark it with a pen.
  • Sand the area so that denim is thinning and fading.
  • Place a piece of cardboard or small wooden block inside the legs of the pants so that they do not cut the back of the jeans, unless they also want them.
  • Take small scissors super sharp, razor blades, or box cutters and slice horizontally.
  • Let it expand naturally or take a few tweezers and pull the missing tip.

Using ripped jeans to look handsome and beautiful is easy. You can make it or buy on amazon, ebay and many more.

Tukang tulis tetap yang bekerja siang dan malam agar bisa memberikan beragam informasi mengenai tips dan kabar tren fashion masa kini.

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