Get to Know 5 types of parka jacket materials

Dondom Merch – Parka jacket is a big sized jacket that used to be worn by soldiers. Parka jacket are for them soldiers to protect the body from extreme weather. Of course the extreme weather while in combat camps can not be expected his arrival. Therefore their initiative to make a jacket that large and thick to the body can be protected. Here are 5 types of parka jacket materials that now shifts into favorite fashion items of men and womens.

True, now parka jacket that was once just to protect the body from extreme weather has now shifted into a favorite fashion item. There are many types and models of parka jackets that have been in production by big brand brands. And it becomes a pride for the wearer.

Parka jacket can be used by men and women and most of the models adjust. And if we search on google will be a lot of we can see various types and types of these types of jackets.

Parka Jacket Material

Here are 5 Types of Excellent Parka Jacket Materials

Why is it good? because this material is most often used for the manufacture of parka jackets. Looks like it has become the hallmark of parka jackets to keep using the following materials. Let you not be curious, here are five types of parka jacket materials that you can make reference in choosing your favorite parka jacket.

1. Parka Jacket Cotton Twill Material

What is Cotton Twill material? Cotton Twill material is a material that has a soft character and not rigid. The soft fibers make this material comfortable in good use in hot weather though. Made of cotton fibers so can easily absorb sweat, but it depends on the type of furing in use.

Parka jacket Cotton Twill material will make the finished product from the jacket looks elegant. Special impression and it would be very comfortable when in use.

2. Parka Coat Canvas Material

What is Canvas material? Canvas material is a material that has a hard and strong rigid character. Canvas material has a considerable degree of thickness so many parka jacket manufacturers make their products using this material. Parka jacket canvas material is better because at that time the type of parka jacket does use this material for the soldiers who served in the battlefield.

3. Parka Jacket Taslan Waterproof Material

What is Taslan’s material? Taslan material is the material that enter in the category of waterproof material. This material has a kind of rubber fiber that closes the pores of the fabric so automatically the water and the wind can not penetrate easily.

Not just for the manufacture of parka jackets, but also the usual taslan material in use for the manufacture of bomber jackets, coach and other jackets. In contrast to other types of waterproof materials, because this taslan material a little thicker and stronger so it is suitable if used for the parka jacket.

4. Parka Jacket Nylon Material

What is Nylon material? Nylon material is a type of material that is still the same as taslan and included in the category of waterproof materials. But this type of nylon material there are so many and his name was strange strange so difficult to remember it. For strength and thickness is still under taslan material but still good if sudh become jacket.

Parka Jackets Nylon materials use a mixture of cotton as a furing, because it will act as a sweat absorber. Same with taslan parka material jacket that also use the inner layer of cotton material so as not to make the user sultry.

5. Parka Jacket Flecee Material

What is flecee material? Flecee material is a kind of soft and thick material like a blanket. This material without furing any jacket will remain warm. Parka jacket flecee material does look strange because the nature of this material that is not waterproof and fluffy on the inside.

One way to remove the hair on the inside of the flecee material is to add furing to the inside of the jacket. Parka Jacket Flecee material is perfect for contemporary fashion items and in use as a winter jacket when you travel to a cold area such as mountain climbing or something else.

How, it can be understood right? That’s 5 types of parka jacket materials which according to Dondom version is the best in its class. For your inspiration to search in google there are so many. Hopefully useful and if there will be in ask please leave your comment in the comment field below.

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