Philosophy behind the Aceh and Koto Gadang Traditional Clothes

What is the meaning and message behind Jokowi’s and Ibu Iriana’s traditional dress during the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day ceremony. Jokowi, which we see is very handsome with traditional Acehnese clothes, while Iriana also looks beautiful with traditional Koto Gadang clothes, Minang Kabau. Then what message is implied behind the traditional clothes they use. The following is a little review for the philosophy behind the Aceh traditional clothes and the Koto Gadang traditional clothes.

What the philosphy behind the Aceh Traditional Clothes?

Indonesia consists of dozens of provinces and various ethnic groups that color from Sabang to Marauke. One of the tribal identities in Indonesian pluralism is the presence of traditional clothes. Like other regions, Aceh also certainly has special custom clothes that has full value and full of meaning.

For men, the color of traditional clothes is usually dominated by black. Black is believed to be a symbol of greatness. In Aceh, if there are big events such as weddings and other customs, black clothes signifies splendor and glory. This is different from the reality that exists in other societies that are usually black, indicating grieving. For women, the color has a variety of motifs such as red, green or yellow which signal beauty, elegance, loyalty and courage.

Philosophy and mesage behind the traditional clothes from jokowi and iriana

In special events such as the circumcision of the apostle and marriage, every Acehnese man is required to wear black clothes, both his clothes and pants. Errors in choosing other colors will be claimed as citizens who do not understand and respect the customs that have been handed down for generations by the Acehnese.

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Whereas for women, the most striking and must-have elements are complementary accessories such as jewelery in the form of bracelets, necklaces, and crowns which indicate that Acehnese women have been glorified since ancient times and given sufficient property for their prosperity to have a household. During the sultanate of jewelry, of course it was made of gold, but at this time for the sake of comfort and safety and affordable by various groups available jewelry accessories made from imitations.

Philosophy behind the Aceh Traditional Clothes

What the philosophy behind the Koto Gadang Traditional Clothes?

Minangkabau traditional dress has a rich diversity. Each nagari and adat luhak (village and sub-district level) have their own custom bride dress styles. One of the familiar ones is the traditional Minang wedding bride dress where the bride wears suntiang, which is a golden headdress looming high. Custom bride dresses like this are commonly worn by brides from the Minangkabau coastal area.

While Koto Gadang in Agam Regency, West Sumatra, which is a highland region, is known for its traditional wedding dress which is simpler in shape but impressed with luxury. If the Minang bride traditional dress is usually identical with the suntiang, then the traditional Koto Gadang wedding dress is more common to wear a simpler headgear, the shawl made of velvet embroidered with gold.

It turns out that behind the traditional clothes worn by Jokowi and Iria, the president and our first lady convey a meaningful message represented by Acehnese traditional clothing and Koto Gadang.

Thus, a little review of the philosophy behind the traditional clothes that Jokowi and Ibu iriana wore during the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia today.